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About Us
Bitterroot Guitars is part of MWSI Interiors in Allegan County Michigan.
We are a family run business provding quality guitars and guitar hardware to players, builders and customizers of guitars.

Company history
1992 the start
MWSI Interiors formed in Newberg, Oregon. A major supplier for many top quality products in the Portland market.
1995 the move
For many reasons we made the decision to move to Michigan and establish roots in the market. Building and supplying custom woodworking, furniture and components for our customers.
2005 the guitar.
From a single start we began to focus on guitar building, guitar parts and hardware. First for ourselves and later for many other customers.
We began importing quality component parts from various areas around the world. Our connections using our furniture contacts allowed us to branch beyond that business and to begin operating a guitar parts business to supply the needs of custom builders like ourselves with quality affordable access to a variety of components.
Thus was born Bitterroot Guitars.
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