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In addition to Guitars.........
For years we have worked in the furniture business. This has allowed us a unique perspective into customer service and custom woodworking. From humble starts in the late 1970's, we have been designing and supplying custom furniture and cabinets to our customers for many years. This background allow us an easier transition into musical instruments with a good working knowledge of finishes, fit and wood.
While guitars and furniture are totally different types of construction, design and shapes. Our general knowledge of the tools, equipment, glues, finishes and construction techniques, help in an interesting but quick transition into the world of Bitterroot Guitars.
Below are some of the creations we have made over the years.
We heard a voice.

Custom clock.
Commemorative clock built to remember a fantastic trip to Washington.
Solid hard rock maple with curly maple plates.
Built in 1999 for D H Novi Michigan.
Every Cabin deserves fine furniture

Custom sofa table designed for a specific spot in the heart of the recipient.
The table is made with Claro Walnut, Curly Maple and crotched Mahogany inlayed panels. Zebra wood inlays medallions on legs.
Designed to fit in the Log Cabin setting and yet provide a unique art statement on the product.
Built in 2006 for LW in Nashville, IN.
Executive Office Setting

Custom designed office interior for executive office.
Rift cut white oak cabinets, designed to fit and match executive office layout.
Office interior was designed for the specific need of the customer.
Designed for JH Newberg, OR Built 1993.
The Table

Custom conference table. 9'0" x 20'0" elliptical shape.
The table is made with 4" Solid Maple edges, double reverse diamond cherry inlay, 2 ebony insert banding with custom microphones installed under ebony inlay.
Designed to fit the executive conference room for our customer.
Built in 1995 for L&S in Beaverton, Oregon.