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The project.........Runaway!
As a company we have decided to produce a couple of guitars each year for charity auctions.
This year we have the pleasure of working with Cindy and the fine folks at the Coopersville Michigan Area Chamber of Commerce on their annual Del Shannon Memorial Scholarship Fund.
The guitar we decided to build needed to be one of a kind. Unique to the occasion. The proceeds from the auction on Saturday September 26th will go to the scholarship fund and local chamber projects.
The auction was a lot of fun with very energetic bidding. In the end, the guitar became the property of an individual who knew "Del Shannon" in person. Congratulations and thank you for the very nice contribution to the Scholarship funds. We enjoyed building this wonderful instrument, we hope you enjoy the guitar as much.
You may view the website for this great West Michigan event the Cooperville Summerfest by going to A great event on Michigan's West Coast.
Below is a photo set of the creation of Runaway!..............

Carving the Body

The body is made up of three components.
1. The face which is highly select Spalted Maple with a very unique appearance.
2. The center of Solid Honduran Mahogany, hand selected for this project.
3. The rear is from Spalted Maple selected specifically for this project.
There are no CNC Machines here, the Body is hand routed from a built up wood core and template cut to shaped. This process takes a number of cutting steps and then sanding to final shape and smoothness.

The Body Shaped Front Side.

Once the body is carved. The first shape begins to look like the guitar.
Hand Select Spalted Maple on the guitar face.
The Body Shaped Rear Side

The rear is also a unique one of a kind wood selection.
Hand Select Spalted Maple on the guitar rear.
Carving for the Electronics

Making a one of a kind special guitar also requires carving space of all of the electronics and wiring for the guitar.
Hand routed to precision layouts for the electronics.
The first fitting of all of the parts.

Making guitars requires patience, skill and sometimes a little luck.
You never know until you do the first fitting on all of the parts if you have everything right.
Runaway came together very easy.
While there is still a lot of final assembly, finishing and setup to do before it becomes a complete guitar, it is now begining to look very close to the final appearance.
One of a kind, a unique guitar..........
Created specifically for the
Coopersville Summerfest 2009 and
the Del Shannon Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Specifications on Runaway:
Body Shape: Modified Bitterroot Tallmadge Series.
Body Material: Face and Rear Hand Selected Spalted Maple. Body core Honduran Mahogany.
Neck: Solid Quater Sawn Curly Maple with Cerajera Headstock and Ebony Fretboard.
Scale: 25.5"
Frets: 22
Radius: 10"
Inlay: Black Mother or Pearl
Electronics: EMG Select Humbuckers, .047uf Caps, 2 Volume, 2 Tone Controls, 500K pots.
Bridge: Modified Hardtail wrap around with through body string setup.
Trim: Black
Tuning Machines: Bitterroot Custom Series 6 inline.
Finishing the build:
The body is finished and polishing has begun.
We are now installing the electronics in the body cavity
(note: light colored areas are reflection from ceiling lights).
Shielded cavity with copper ground plate, quarter size 500k pots, .047uf can caps for sustain. independant volume and tone controls with 3 way toggle switch.
Wiring is just about ready for the pickups and final setup.
Slabs of wood formed into Runaway. From a piece of Spalted Maple and Mahogany came a dramatic wood design for this guitar. Formed by nature, enhancing the musical instrument.