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Hand Built Acoustic Guitars
Each with their own unique look and sound. Acoustic guitars require a greater setup time and build time then our electric guitars.
Each is built from a unqiue set of hand select woods and form to create both an appearance and a voice unique to the individual guitars.
Selection of woods, shape, form, and aesthetic upgrades makes each own of these a unique hand craft form.
All of our acoustics are finished in a lacquer finish which also both the best sound reflection and flexibiilty in the body woods. Tonal quality and reflection that creates a personality for each guitar.
Enjoy the projects we have done, these are a labor of love to create each one.
Myrtle Creek

Unique woods and sounds from the woods on the Pacific Northwest. If you have ever had the chance to be in the coastal Oregon valleys when myrtle is in the air, it is a beautiful fragrant smell.
Using the wood from a Myrtle tree to form the body of this guitar, produced a interesting and special sound.
Accenting the beauty of this natrual wood with Abalone, spruce and ebony, makes this guitar stand out when viewed. A stunning combination of natures beauty and luthier design.
4A spruce tops, hand selected myrtle body, a solid grain mahogany neck laced with abalone shell hand laid in the body and bound in and outline of solid ebony.
Truely a one of a kind guitar.